Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen ideas have to be planned, they don’t just happen I’m afraid. Eventually got Ben my husband to fit a new kitchen, only took just short of eighteen months of persuasion! Give him his due though, he has been busy with some big contracts which had timescale penalties, therefore he could not spare the time.

Kitchen Ideas

Even though my husband is a carpenter, we still had to plan what had to be done, timescales, other trades, how and where we would eat, how to do dishes and laundry while the work was being done and so on. Just as well it’s summer and we have a big barbecue area, so the cooking and eating was not a problem, not that the eating part every is a problem.

The kitchen is finished now, but not without little problems cropping up here and there….

If you are ever having a new kitchen fitted, here are some of my kitchen ideas.

Kitchen Ideas

Plan and write everything down. Include cooking, dishes and laundry plan while the kitchen is being installed.

Measure your kitchen so as you can then have your kitchen ideas put into practice.

Visit wholesaler or and showrooms, to give you ideas and find out delivery timescales.

Once delivery timescales are known, organise plumber, electrician and carpenter, yes even though my husband can fit kitchens he still had to be organised.

Have plenty of coffee available for all the guys involved.

Make sure everyone knows who is needed and when, get them to put in their diaries if required.

Check if you need new appliances or can service your existing ones. A good article on this is available, just click here.

Alow for the ocassional unexpected delay.

Most important of all, allow for the mess which is going to be made.

Once kitchen installed…relax and use at your own leisure.

Not an exact science, but sure helps.

Speak soon.


Elizabeth Martin



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