About Elizabeth Martin


About Elizabeth Martin? Well hi there, I have been married to Ben Martin for thirty years now.

We have two kids who have left the nest, they state they are grown up now and have their own life, (so they tell me, I shall assume that is until the next crisis). Therefore, as I felt I have more time on my hands, why not do a blog?

The reason I have named this blog Carpenters Gossip & Other Trades, is that my husband and our friends from all walks of life, are the biggest gossips I have ever come across…this also includes myself of course.

The tales I have heard, the gossip, the tips, the so called trade secrets and just general chit chat are so numerous, or should that be humorous, that I have always felt I should write them down some day.

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About moving house and tips

We have moved house four times since we have been married, each time getting a bigger house, sometimes a lot older house. But, as I said my husband and our cronies are all tradesmen, so we have never had any bother remodelling, or should that be rebuilding any house we have lived in.

My blog will be about and give you some tips and ideas in the home, as well as whatever gossip, chit chat or general life events that are happening to me and or my family. So there should be a wide range of topics which in all probability will not be remotely related.

I am no expert, far from it, what I am trying to do really (apart from gossip) is only passing on tips and ideas for you to think about, as well as hopefully some humorous everyday stories of what is happening in my family at the time.

Hope you enjoy my blog.

Elizabeth Martin